Posted by kelkoe (10/24/15 06:17 PM)
I had a similar experience that completely blew me away that was the complete opposite of what this posters trip report explained. I felt as though I was one of the "gods of salvia" but they banished me to being a human as a punishment and trapped me in the human world.
When I was sober I sat and thought about it for a long time, not horrified, but awe-struck. What an incredible herb. It's being scheduled in February in Canada so there goes another wonderful substance.
Posted by gnomeHunter (03/17/15 10:51 PM)
I like Salvia, but I understand why most people don't.  I have had unpleasant experiences too.  IMO this these guys did too much, 40X is too strong.  5X, 10X are great, you can get a greater range of experiencing Salvia, less is more and your able to enjoy it, its unique. I smoke 10x as preference.  This stuff comes on fast, very fast, and its only with you a short time, for me that is part of its appeal as well. You go from baseline to baseline in no more than two hours. When I started smoking Salvia my intent was to get high and experience it, I was curious.  Most of time now though, I expect a reflective experience.  On Salvia I relive moments of my day from some netherworld vantage on myself, or a dream I had is remembered and relived more vividly. A lot the experience is like a lucid dream, but a mist of the Salvia landscape of course.

I got into the Slavia headspace slowly, because I was scared of its power.  I think that is why I found the joy in it, when so many others don't.  I took a lot of little dates before I mustered a first kiss, and even that was a softy.  I think about what I am about to experience, basically bracing myself to let go, be an observer.  Its disturbing to feeling like open notebook being folded over, like part of body is sliding of the bed and other being flattened out, if I just panic over the insanity of it all, well then I experience panic, so I prefer to be indifferent to it, thats the perspective I'm shooting for going in.  I turn on my music, lay down, chief my Salvia and put down the pipe.  I lay back let out the smoke and close my eyes.  The trip ensues, my raft hits the rapids below and once that first cold splash settles down, stories from mind take up my attention.  Visions from my day, I'm back at work, memories from the past those subtle impressions like the feeling you had when saw your house that one day, nonsensical plots like normal dreams, and simultaneously I listen to the music which is sort of guiding where I'm going in all this.  I like it, and sometimes come out of it with a construct thought I'm inspired about.  

I think what most people don't like are these physical sensations, you can get uncomfortable pretty quick and take a dark turn not enjoying them.  Thats why I think a mindset like the one I spoke of for this guy is important, a detachment.  I think was able to find some of that because I took it real slow, and got used to the headspace so it didn't freak me out so much. It is disturbing, when I can't tell if I'm moving or not, my head is like three pieces of paper folding into my chest, I'm sinking into this bed its like being lowered into a pool, can I breath down there? (if you can feel yourself breathing!) Because of my experience I have comfort that I will be fine, and without that I could see being very uncomfortable as I have been before.  In a detached state of mind, your not so concerned about your well being and it all becomes integrated into the story that has your attention and you want to know what happens next.

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Posted by HelixSpores (03/17/15 01:03 PM)
First time ever did it was about 10 years ago, never heard of the stuff bought it at a store to test it out. Almost, almost, almost made the decision to try some on the drive home. Got home and tried the salvia couple day later, that stuff needs to be outlawed its just NASTY  couldnt tell if i was sitting down or rolling around on the ground for about 5 minutes. Coulda died if we tried it when driving, i sincerely doubt the ability of one to pull off to the side of a highway after inhaling this stuff it scares the crap out of me.
Posted by gandalfe (03/15/15 06:30 PM)
I don't know anyone that likes Salvia. Miserable stuff that gives nasty dark trips. I have some 10x extract that sends me to hyperspace with one toke.I think the only way Salvia is palatable is the ancient way with leaves put between gums and teeth and don't swallow.At least that method gives somebody a chance to fasten their Darn seatbelt.