Posted by TrippyR (03/12/15 12:36 PM)
It's good
Posted by 8rownie (03/11/15 12:42 AM)
Looking good

Posted by mycoltrip (03/09/15 10:49 PM)
How is the growth looking now? Should have at least doubled.  Coming from another new researcher, I have dealt with a few contams, and it will most likely be green mold when you do.  You will know it for sure. 
Edited 3/9/2015 11:50 PM
Posted by St0ras (03/03/15 04:27 AM)
It's just a reflection of my green t-shirt :D great then :)
Posted by bad_trip321 (03/02/15 07:59 PM)
I can't tell if that's green my your thumb or just the lighting. Other than that it looks OK. As long as mycelium growth stays steady I wouldn't worry about it.
Posted by igmez (03/02/15 01:55 PM)
Looks like it's right on track to me.