Posted by intrikit2030 (02/11/15 11:43 AM)
Just pack a bowl . You only need two hits ! Zero the first hit.  Then take a big strong second one. Then SET THE PIPE DOWN. OR YOU'LL DROP IT. The trip is intense but fun if u respect it. You should have a spotter on that too. Have fun
Posted by rastathug (02/06/15 03:43 AM)
I can't see why alcohol would be a problem but don't take my word for it. My first time trying Salvia was with 20x. Smoked it in a bong with a regular lighter. Didn't notice anything the first few tries then all of a sudden everything (including me) is made up of grids and I felt very weird. I moved and my body broke apart. Some of it stayed behind me and I thought I was dead or something. It was almost like being in another dimension. Wasn't a pleasant experience at all. No euphoria or anything just delirium. Good thing it doesn't last long. I'll never do Salvia again, its just weird and unpleasant.
Posted by makail100 (02/03/15 02:20 PM)
pack a bowl with bud and grab a pinch full and sprinkle it on top the bowl
Posted by greensp4rk (01/31/15 12:03 AM)
You can read my own Salvia trip report here:
This was only 5x. Definitely treat salvia with respect. If you trip hard, it will be intense and very unfamiliar. That said, don't be scared of new experiences. If I could change one thing about my trip, I would have had someone with me.
Posted by greensp4rk (01/30/15 11:57 PM)
You don't need much. A pipe is fine, put a pinch in and HOLD THE SMOKE IN. The effects could range from nothing if you exhale too soon, to the kind of trip that knocks your socks off and completely changes your outlook on life, positively or negatively. It's important to realize that salvia is not comparable to drugs like shrooms and LSD, nothing can really prepare you for the shock of a salvia trip. I wouldn't advise drinking before hand, and you should DEFINITELY have a friend with you.

Also, some people say it's best to trip on salvia in a dark and quiet room, away from external stimuli. I've never done that, but I can tell you from experience that your environment and the sounds in it can influence your trip strongly.

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Posted by shroomekalb96 (01/30/15 07:03 PM)
i used 20x my first time and it kicked my ass, very disorientating if you don't have much use with psychedelics. After becoming a somewhat experienced user of mind altering drugs and i would say salvia is strong and odd, and should be respected. After saying that if you dont have much expeirence with pyschs i would recomend starting off with a small bowl.. if you have cannabis, i like to mix for a relaxing feeling and also its easier to start off with small amounts of salvia to test it and feel out your tolerance on herb rather than an empty bowl. also use a torch, if you dont have a torch just make sure to roast your bowl nice and good to get full affect. i would wait to drink till after, but thats just my opinion and have no evidence to if this is bad or not cause i have not mixed the two. 
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