Posted by aura8 (01/21/15 06:38 PM)
no worries brother. just take it easy maybe try to synchronize whats important to you in life with whatever bothers you in your dreamscape.
Posted by joganb (01/20/15 11:30 AM)
it just sounds like you mightve gotten your world rocked a little bit and youre letting yourself worry too much. chill out, take some walks, try to relax. this is just you worrying. try to take some deep breaths before you go to bed to relax your body and mind. There is nothing wrong and try to not over think it. Get some fresh air and listen to some relaxing music. Youre alright buddy
Posted by Stargate (01/20/15 08:18 AM)
Perhaps your bad trip is causing you bad dreams.
When a dream is too horrifying, or shows us something that we can't handle, the brain hides it from us.
As for the high feeling, I get that when I wake up randomly as well.