Posted by Dingaling (02/17/15 08:52 PM)
Good luck my friend
Posted by hayabuser (01/23/15 10:11 AM)
were the 5gs lemon tekked? if yes, there still might be a huge difference. Well, too late now anyways^^ enjoy
Posted by StarLand534 (01/15/15 08:53 PM)
The reason I'm doing this amount in the dark alone is that i find the experiences to be more meaningful and spiritual that way. Which i really enjoy it(i also like tripping with people but sometimes i feel like just exploring my inner mind seeing where the spirits guide me) lol and i have done 5 grams alone in the dark and it was amazing theres not one thing i regret. And is there a big difference between 5 and 7.5g's cause it doesn't seem like a huge difference but maybe I'm wrong.. Lol 
Posted by Are_you_shpongled (01/15/15 05:33 AM)
That amount lemmon tek'd will kick in very hard and fast, I would imagine it will feel very dmt like for an hour or so. You're braver than I.
Posted by Weiliithinker (01/14/15 03:23 PM)
Explorator is right. If you do not have a goal for your journey, things may go differently than what you expected. I would also suggest the 4 pm venture time, you will really appreciate the sunset as your coming back to earth. I hope it goes beautifully and you learn lots of valuable information whist on your journey (: Namaste
Posted by ovi100 (01/14/15 01:34 PM)
May the higher spirits guide.
Posted by Explorator (01/14/15 06:36 AM)
Hey Man :)

I advise you not to do it alone in darkness, especially not at night. 

There some things you should understand. First it has to be clear to you why you are taking mushrooms. You have to have a goal, because if not you will just be wandering and you can get very lost. Especially whilst being alone and nothing to connect you to natural flow of every day life on earth.

I would suggest either morning or afternoon. In such manner that for Example in the morning you take it at about 8 am so it start wearing off at about 12-1pm, because energies are the most chaotic in that time. Or I would say at 4pm so that by sunset it start wearing off and you can enjoy a peacefull sunset and then going to bed. 

One of the reasons you say at dark might to reach higher states of consciousness or emptiness? I'm not quite sure why you want to take them yet. If you can tell me why exactly do you want to take them I can help you a bit, unless you are dead on sure you want to do it like.

If you look for the rush of seeing things that are beyond "normal", I would suggest rather do it in the morning because the energies then are most inspiritative and positive and since it will be a normal day it will be easier for you to come back down if things get to funky :). If you really want to wander off I'd say afternoon but not night.