Posted by spyfish (01/19/15 02:45 PM)
The sound i haven't had, but the wave of energy I've had a few times. Not while tripping, but lately during deep meditation or deep hypnosis. This after i stopped any form of stimulants. I basically quit cannabis, alcohol, Dextroamfetamine (ADD med) and caffeine (and food preservatives).  Now when i meditate i can get euphoric and get these waved of energy without any substance. Better than any high I've had. 

I haven't really had any real trips, except for a very mild shroom trip 12-13 years ago. But now i have my first cracker dry shrooms from my first kit. Hopefully 2-3 grams can get my meditation really deep. 
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Posted by TrippleSixing (01/13/15 05:45 PM)
Yep, I had something similar in my first REAL trip on acid (working on my story to post, very long, it changed my life), and I never even gave it much thought, because of all the other mind blowing effects, that are too surreal to even now believe that it happened. Like the whole thing was just a giant dream.

Anyway but to me, the ''comedown noise'', which happened when I got home, and jumped in bed thinking I was ready to sleep, remained in my head for at least 1 hour... fading and fading and fading away... It was a powerfull, almost traumatic trip, and I heard A LOT of non identified sounds, like weird machines and some of those freaky sounds you hear on trance songs.. And my comedown sound, was something like, a machine, slowly shutting down, mixed up with like a thunderstorm that just passed... Very distinct and intense, thinking about the trip while hearing this sound fading off in my head.. Anyway, I didn't get no sleep. x)

It sounded somewhat like this, but more trippy.. I'm sure I could find something even more like it, but this is close enough.

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And kinda like this, but without the alarm.. And of course dragging on for hours, fading away as all the confusion left my body

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Posted by Matlemon (01/10/15 01:18 PM)
I nerver Had such thing, the only wave of energie I usually have is when the mushrooms kicks in.
Posted by peterpablo (01/07/15 02:26 PM)
I have this at night about 3 times per year. sometimes when i try to fall asleep i get a huge energy and warm glow all over my body. at the peak there is a loud bang, like a firecracker exploding in my room. then it's over and i'm awake and full of energy.
Posted by Stargate (01/07/15 02:10 PM)
I had something a little different happen to me. I felt energy building up for about 10 seconds, with a lingering feeling that a semi truck was coming at me. When it reached that peak of energy, I heard a sound like being hit, and everything released from my body. At that moment, I dropped back into the normal world.