Posted by jknxxxxx (03/12/15 06:44 PM)
Thanks for sharing! Thoroughly enjoyed reading.
Posted by gfm926 (01/23/15 01:34 PM)
Very interesting report!

Posted by gfm926 (01/23/15 01:33 PM)
Hey man i would like to know the kind of mindset you went in with this if you can explain. Its been awhile since i tripped becuase i wanted to start having more opening experiences. I started meditating, quite all drugs that dont benefit me mentally , even cigarettes (its been a year process with everything). Ive been getting to this state of complete bliss and no judgment . Especially when i smoke weed, which is the only substance i purposely take for altered states. It kills off my ego by making everything real for me, and im able to get rid of most of the trash in my head, and honestly last for days even some things i learn for good. I do tolerence brakes between each session, and its far different then what it used to be for me. I truly learn from these experiences. I believe ive been attaining the right mindset to be able delve in to more truth about reality with mushrooms again. 
Posted by tommydervan (01/19/15 10:48 PM)
I can't explain how much I enjoyed reading this