Posted by monkeyjuice (01/07/15 03:08 PM)
I really enjoyed your report.  Sounds like you had a blast!  I have heard Terrence McKenna talk of similar things to what you say about the unique symphony you were hearing in your head.  It sounds like you were tapping in to an effortless stream of creativity.  Just think, if you could write music and you put that down it could have have become something akin to Beethoven's 9th!
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Posted by srphatness (10/16/14 07:46 PM)
Thank you so much for sharing your story, especially in such detail. I have not had a solitude trip to classical music, but I do love classical music. i do enjoy tripping by myself, it is a GREAT mediation. I I have tripped by myself and listened to an artist called "the notwist" which is very happy mellow music, and I also found myself in tears of joy from the realization of how perfect the universe is, and how lucky we are to be part of it.

Once again,
  Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. *-       
Posted by JcFiscus (10/16/14 04:13 PM)
Yes! I love the new perspective in how you describe it, its nice. What youre talking about with meditation is a great idea to try on my next go! I would like to add that if you have the power to believe in anything you want, then you can do anything you want within your own mind. Meditation helps to put the patterns in place to keep you thinking about something specific. Its pretty clear to me, thank you.
And the classical music you listed will be noted in my notes for the next experience as well thank you. :)
Posted by gandalfe (10/16/14 11:53 AM)
Each trip can take on a different characteristic depending on the mood and intent of the user.I am a classical trained Piano player, and have used music, meditation, settings, to enhance my experience.Some of my favorite music to trip to, is classical guitar music.The Nutcracker suite played by a Guitar trio is one of my favorites.Bach fugues and preludes played on Piano, harpsichord or guitar is another great sound to enhance tripping.Try to start your trip by meditating and clearly state the intent of the trip and what you want to achieve.My finest trip was four years ago.I took five dried grams cubensis, and meditated on meeting a life form from outside this planet.I then spent several days hanging out with a beautiful female from the star system Sirius.These mushrooms are a Portal and a gateway to other dimensions, and other star systems.Meditation, setting, and intent are the key to unlocking these portals.