Posted by graveey (11/07/14 09:27 PM)
Hahaha this has had me in stitches for the last 30 mins. Coming down from 5gs of libs this gave me plenty of laughs. cheers
Posted by livingindigo (10/09/14 11:34 AM)
Yes I had done the drug knowing that he was disabled from it. BUT you have to understand some things. 1. He snorted it (which is a big nono with low dose RC's and 2. I did not know that bromo-dragonfly molecules are responsible for as many OD's as they are at the time.

Basically D was a really good kid. I experienced my first trip (salvia) with him, and it didn't even go bad! However, he was big into experimenting with RC's at that time and apparently he was given the 2-cc-fly. He did absolutely fine until he decided to re-dose. That's when shit went down.

Now he is living with his parents and believe me when I say that he is NOT there. You look in his eyes and it's just a body without a soul. As of about a week ago his parents found a home that they will be sending him to very soon... I hope he gets better, even though there is very little hope for that ever happening.
Posted by Trippy Enigma (10/07/14 09:53 AM)
I really enjoyed this crazy story! but then again research chemicals are a no go for me ill stick to dmt and mushies! (:

Posted by refried (10/04/14 08:20 PM)
So what's the story behind the guy that is completely disabled??  Did you do the drug knowing that he was disabled by it?  If so, what the fuck is the matter with you?
Posted by Clipto4 (10/04/14 06:38 AM)
Insane write must have took every single shred of your strength to pull you out of those holes. Glad your okay