Posted by sourdharma (02/04/15 01:05 PM)
to answer your question, no. i dont think they were laced. i think you just had an incredible dose. its happened to my girlfriend and i had to do everything ot keep her in the house from going outside naked. i went to the bathroom and she was gone. we were tripping naked and i had to leave my house naked to go find her. very scary. and then she looped out like you were saying. like she was on different levels or personalities with me. almost skitso. it happens like that sometimes to some people. i think you can just let your mind go sometimes when really, if that shit starts in, you just tell yourself hey man, im in control. i just ate some mushrooms and im fine. maybe i SHOULD listen to these people that love me haha. sounds like a crazy night. one hell of a story.

oh and yeah, paragraphs dudeeee
Posted by graveey (11/07/14 09:44 PM)



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Posted by zZZz (10/05/14 05:26 AM)
the cops probably just told you that so you'd be more prone to telling them where you got the mushrooms. i hope u didnt tell them..

anyway i highly doubt they were laced. you just got stuck.. it happens. read up on shrooms and the experiences as much as possible and hopefully you will understand why this happened. in the mean time, i wouldnt touch psychedelics for a while..
Posted by Mushuma (10/02/14 09:04 AM)
You ate too much for your second time. Try a much lower dose next time, if there is a next time. Hopefully you get over this experience and have some better ones.
Posted by searching (10/01/14 01:27 AM)
The Mushrooms weren't laced. This is just what they do. But the goal is to stay inside where it's safe and not make a fool of yourself and give mushrooms a bad name. If you do trip again, make sure you have a sitter who will watch you and make you stay inside. I can almost pinpoint the moment when things went wrong. You started thinking "I have to get up and get a pencil and paper, then go save the world"  or something like that when you really should have just sat there and let whatever crazy thoughts you had pass. Did you not know that an eighth of mushrooms would be that powerful? I think maybe if you had known, you would have been prepared for crazy thoughts to happen and not act on them. 

Oh well, hopefully you at least learned something.