Posted by Xena (08/30/14 12:48 PM)
thnks for the info but maybe il hold off then lolĀ 
Posted by PeteDaBeast1 (08/29/14 11:10 AM)
No way, they were really easy to find for me and cheap. Google search "Eternity In A Box" and find organic hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. And yes the seeds definitely made me puke, I probably shouldve kept it at a lower dose but only 4 still made me feel very nauseous. Heck I will send you mine if you want, I bought about 50 and have 42 left and I could give it to you for cheap cause I'm not messing with these again
Posted by Xena (08/28/14 10:23 PM)
i hear eight is a lot, maybe too much? you think you would have been better off being patient and stuck with the 6? do you think you puked cause of eating the seeds? where did you get them, i cant seem to find them even on amazon and when i do they are pretty expensive