Posted by PsychedelicGinge (02/23/15 01:08 PM)
I love this trip report. Reading how you noticed the negative energy coming from your friend in that game of LoL and taking control of it was sick. I know that exact same feeling, I get it whenever I'm playing CS:GO. I hear teammates bitching others out and I'm just like,"HEY, STOP IT, THAT WON'T GET YOU ANYWHERE". 

I'll be taking a 250 mic tab here pretty soon which will be the strongest dose of L I've had before. I know it isn't heroic yet but I'm excited to get to that level for the experience that you had. I've had some extremely life-changing/emotional moments with a 180 mic tab but I feel like there is even more to discover. I just have to do it in moderation until that time comes.
Posted by LChakotS (02/08/15 06:48 AM)
Definitely.  Since this experience,  about 10 months ago, my consciousness has only continued to evolve with further experimentation of even much Finer product. Also magic mushrooms/mushroom chocolate.  My level of perception in music, video games, other people, my job and life as a whole has taken a huge uprising.  I can't say things had ever been this clear to me, before.  I also smoke buddha during these rituals.  The experiences get increasingly eye opening over time.  very mind easing.
Posted by hayabuser (01/21/15 11:31 AM)
Do you feel like this has changed yozr life to this day?
Posted by LChakotS (08/21/14 04:58 PM)
Thank you. Yes, it was a huge mind opener; as for the heart, I've never felt so deeply.  
Posted by Chakra Shock (08/21/14 02:05 AM)
Really beautiful story and lessons, and I can relate to the intensity of video games... not on any substance, mind you, but just gaming in general, and how it's this collaborative effort, everyone's minds poured out into virtual space. 

Thanks for sharing, brave seeker! Sounds like a truly mind and heart opening experience