Posted by Aleon (08/01/14 06:49 AM)
With practice this and more can happen everytime you smoke(minus the throwing up), if you like.  With even more practice this state & beyond it can be reached through sober meditation.You say it yourself; its all just atoms and energy.  Your mind(which is %80 subconscious) can do anything it wants with your perception and nervous system. Just be careful because your body needs the patience the mind doesnt know of; so you have to mediate it and calm it like a mother does her child.  Take good care of your body, your job/livelihood, and those around you and all will fall into place in some time; as you have "the vision". Dont listen to the other comments, beleive.
Posted by xamplesample (07/31/14 10:16 AM)
yea orrrrrrrrrrrr it was laced
Posted by bobross (07/31/14 05:46 AM)
Okay hold on, I'm sorry, was any other thing besides the "green" absorbed into your tiny yoga body? I have no fucking clue how on earth you can say this because this is actually a phenomenon and you should defnietly take part in a study for it because holy fuck I didn't even KNOW that it was possible to trip like that off of "green". God bless your ignorant soul. -Signed, Bob Ross (expert faggot inspector)
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