Posted by twaldon103 (07/01/14 04:07 PM)
Hey SP313, I am from Mississippi but am living in Alabama this summer. We just found a cow pasture, and usually around where the cattle eat hay, there will be poo all around the hay and the poop and fallen hay combine for a nice foundation for the shrooms to grow. I find them there coming out of the hah more than I do straight out of a patty, but on my uncles land they grow more out of the patties than the hay surrounding their hay bail. I say wait a couple days after a couple of days of rain and head out late night early morning and I'm sure you will find some, remember purple skirts! 
Posted by sp313 (06/28/14 12:51 PM)
Hey I'm from Michigan and I was just wondering were are you from? And do you think shrooms grow out here in fields because I'm out here paying for these mushrooms lol