Posted by Ploohblaah (09/09/14 06:28 PM)
This is great. Short and simple and sounds like a nice easing low-dose experience.  The personal thoughts you shared at the end I connect with very much and seem to be things I always re-learn when doing psychedelics. The next real step is to take what is learned during the experience and actually apply it to everyday life.  To awaken in the experience and maintain that awakened state ALWAYS.  I have yet to do this but I hope for these wonderful mushie creatures to help me. Though I have not eaten any shrooms quite yet, I have experienced LSD and 25i-NbOME which I have learned from greatly.  I am hoping to have my first mushroom experience next month in october (10 pf tek jars of BHT colonizing now and one additional jar almost fully colonized ... aka "the test jar").  Glad to hear you had an amazing experience and that there are other people out there who have these experiences and are able to reach the state of ego diminishing consciousness.

Keep on truckin',
Posted by Asura (05/27/14 10:17 PM)
Short, but sweet. I love this.
Posted by smokesccreen (05/26/14 01:31 PM)
Really happy to see a newbie trip experience even like this. You started with a modest dose, treated the situation with respect, and had a solid introspective experience. Grats.  You did everything right. I get sick of reading all the stories of first timers taking way too much with a bunch of people they don't a club, etc and then acting surprised that they have a bad time!  You do have a lot of room to increase your dose in the future if and when you feel comfortable,  while still having quite a manageable experience. 
Posted by TGS (05/25/14 11:37 AM)
Great write up. Thanks for sharing. You sound so much like me I could have written that myself. Don't be afraid. It keeps getting better. If you like podcasts check out c-realm.   Welcome and best of luck. 
Posted by GhettoShroom (05/25/14 02:05 AM)
Soo happy that you had an introspective experience, THIS is what this medicine is for. Spread the word, maybe someday the stigma will be removed and laws will be changed.
 Peace and Love