Posted by Roshambastic21 (05/01/19 06:34 AM)
Beautiful, clean report, both easy and a pleasure to read! It is now time to work brothers and sisters%u2764
Posted by JohnnyZebra (10/13/16 09:29 PM)
Yo man.. thats amazing - im going for this experience b/c ive ate psilocybe cubensis 5 times, 1.5g - 2.5gdry and had 2 Moderate Trips. I want One hard one - i will eat 4gdry at let the mushrooms guide me, take hold and show me..... and i will reflect on the experience for a year or two once again.. maybe longer?
Posted by Devizome (05/22/14 08:28 PM)
"I had experienced pure love and it was now time to work..."

I totally get that. I felt this same thing one time during a 5g trip (the largest dose I have ever done) over a year ago. Then I tripped again (smaller dose) not long after, and it was very uncomfortable for me. I was playing too much, said the mushrooms. More work needed to be done before I could see them after that. Still working on that work, about a year and a half later, hahaha :-)

This is a great report. Thank you for sharing.

Love and respect,
Posted by K1ngSp4de (05/22/14 12:59 PM)
Good report.