Posted by ImpendingDoom (05/31/14 05:38 PM)
Whilst not quite the same I have often felt like an animal when I am tripping.  For me, I feel like a Bear. It is a very strange feeling and not one that can be easily explained, after all how does anyone actually know what another species feels like. I have always felt that mushrooms take me back to basic instincts, with hyper awareness etc and relate the animal feeling to my primal side. I now feel a slight affinity to bears and almost consider them my spirit animal. I'm not really that spiritual and would never have entertained the idea before I felt it, its very bizarre but at the same time reassuring. A friend of mine, on his first mushroom trip ever  declared that he felt like a wolf although he could explain this no further when questioned. I agree that there is some sort of pattern, maybe we each have a (spirit) animal side and mushrooms tune us in to that.  If that is the case I would suggest that yours is reptilian in nature. This might sound weird to a lot of people but I would be interested to see if others have experienced something similar. Sorry about the long post.
Posted by HardTrippin (05/22/14 08:49 PM)
Do you start to feel like you have lizard-like qualities or start to act out lizard-like behavior?
Posted by PsychedelicGinge (05/19/14 08:40 PM)
How does one feel like reptile?
Posted by Devizome (05/19/14 07:23 AM)
As this is not really a "trip report", and you seem to be seeking advice, you would probably want to post this here instead.
In regard to your experience though, I have never felt anything like that, although I have had the experience of experiencing the same elements of a trip whenever I ingested a particular substance. I am interested, though, in other reports of the reptile-like state.
I hope you find the answers you are looking for :-)

Love and respect,

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