Posted by Fry Bread (05/12/14 03:42 AM)
Thanks tacodude! Basically what I was looking for. Insight I could make sense out of. I am thankful for what I experienced as a whole that weekend. It is behind me, I've spent enough time on it, so I'm letting it be and moving on. 
Posted by tacodude (05/10/14 02:29 AM)
Well now that I read everything I'll start with saying no one can tell you if you were dosed or not. That being said the fake ecstasy or piperazine compounds lead to a speedy trippy effect on the come down, but I've made sure I don't have any experience besides the stuff that guy gave me, which I didn't even really feel.

There is the possibility it was a panic attack. The easiest way to know if you were dosed is if you can recall either you or your uncle's pupils and to see if they were dialated so completly there is only a sliver of the iris. Even if you can tell if there was something in your system there's is no way to tell what it was without testing the edible batch. Honestly doubt there was lsd dosed in it as you said you saw it made.

Either way whatever happened just integrate the experience and move on. The more you dwell on it the more it will affect your life.
Posted by tacodude (05/10/14 02:18 AM)
First thing I notice is your Molly is described "sour" Pure mdma is not sour at all and you likely have an analogue or rcb cut into it at least. One person who gave me a free dose of his "Molly" while warning me of compounds that his Molly was probably comprised of and tried to convince me the bitter taste from trusted and tested pill were fake while his sour tart stuff was the real taste. The other thing I noticed was the sour tart taste was intense than died down where legit mdma just builds and builds its taste until you have thizz face.

Lsd has long term effects that can last for six months at least based of tryptamine compounds ability to deal with cluster headaches.