Posted by Inovativo (05/14/14 04:56 AM)
It is pretty much right about that you should not do them alone. MY first time was alone and that was good and the trip was amazing so i decided to do it again, alone. That was a bad call and I ended up in a bad trip because of paranoia. Trip together with someone, someone who is not sober because that can cause paranoia. Better to trip together with someone you have confidence in, because the fear it grows like a seed. If you first see it in someones eyes, it will consume you and take you deep below the rabbit hole. Together, with love and peace of mind Brother,

The experience is enchanted if you do tea because it hits you faster than expected and takes you to the peak faster. At least i feel less sick when drinking tea that eating them. Whilst eating shrooms i feel like womiting and all that. 

Posted by roOby (05/12/14 10:35 PM)
Do you guys know if eating them or drinking them in a tea like this makes a big difference in the effect?
Posted by newtoshrooms2013 (05/11/14 06:01 PM)
 I Had a similar experience by my self it was horrid I kept seeing those bold men but they have no sex it kept confusing me fucking with my head it's like they had some type of split personality they wood scare me buy yelling at me and then make me happy buy laughing and pulling funny faces I was home alone by myself I was told by someone to take the shrooms by myself to have a strange experience we'll I'm never doing that again I was having crazy thoughts about death and killing myself best part about my experience/trip was when I started to come up I was laying in my bed in the pitch black  and when I close my eyes I wood see a flash of light when I opened my eyes i was able to see in the dark but then it wood fade to pitch black agin it was crazy but never again I think you shod all wase trip with another person on shrooms and have a friend with you that is sober   
Posted by Inovativo (04/30/14 04:19 AM)
Glad that I could make you smile I wish you the best and thank you for sharing about ego-death.
I get that now even though that seemed like the best idea at that time. Emotional afterglow? What do you mean by that? Because there are still parts of my ego tha have not returned. Feels like I need to drink to get it back.
Really? I had a feeling that it was the great overlord who was watching me before we slip away. This could possibly not be related to the light you see before you go away from this world, could it?
We did 1g each of Psilocybin mushrooms. But then again, i am no expert on mushrooms. How much did you take with your wife? Did you eat em or was it tea?
Posted by allseeingike (04/29/14 06:23 PM)
i have actually seen bald men on mushrooms as well . the first time they where all around me facing the same direction on the beach ( towards the moon) and chanting some language that sounded alien. they where big and muscular and also green and naked. also they had no sex ( clearly male though but no dick) 

on dmt i always have a female presence so its kind of like perfect opposites to me and lsd gives me every presence

idk if there is anything special about these beings but they sure as hell are not the craziest thing they can show you

also did you each take 2 grams or 1 each? that is an insane trip to have on either dose what kind of mushrooms? i have gone through similar trips with my wife except  we didnt get the chance to relax until we came down 4 hours later
Posted by bloodsheen (04/29/14 04:47 PM)

I know this seems obvious now but laying under a blanket with eyes closed was the worst thing you could have done. TV, a sober grounded person, or a fun little activity like rolling a ball would have saved a bunch of pain. And what you had wasnt ego death just an emotional afterglow. When your foundations of reality are shaken so hard its hard to just go back to how you felt before. Nice report
Posted by Devizome (04/28/14 08:32 PM)
"We drink the tea and look awkwardly at each other with big smiles,
the ones that you see kids have just smiling for no particular reason."

I love this description. It made me smile in quite a similar way :-)

I believe ego death may involve the retraction of our "tendrils", the invisible threads that connect us to so many things---our material possessions, our loved ones, the places we frequent, etc---and also a humbling of one's self. This can happen due to extreme awe or extreme fear, or something else. One becomes closer to what one is without all of the "attachments", those things we often think define us and make us who we are. Depending on how powerful the experience is, it can take more or less time to grow out those tendrils again. The cool thing about ego death is that this "re-growing" of our tendrils often allows us to choose more wisely which things we attach to. And, ultimately, the things we are closest to affect us the most. It is a wonderful opportunity for self-change.

I am happy to know that you both made it through that experience.

Love and respect,
Posted by Inovativo (04/28/14 09:57 AM)

Thanks for the love.
Posted by Mushie23 (04/28/14 08:55 AM)
I'm no ego expert, but mushrooms are a guaranteed way to get real with yourself real quick.  Mushrooms strip a person of their ego, letting them know they're the same as everyone else, we're all cut from the same cloth, we all bleed and die just the same.  When someone's ego can't "let go" and let the mushroom take control, it's gonna be a rough ride.  I've seen too many people go through this and they never win that battle...our ego's are no match against the mushroom.  This is what usually causes a person to wind up in a so called "bad-trip".  
On the other hand, let the mushroom take over, let the mushroom guide the trip and the experiences are so euphoric they can't be put into words:)

Much love, nice report

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