Posted by zay031798 (04/27/14 08:54 PM)
youll know reall fast if its cobweb by smell . give it a wiff an if it smells like rotten asshole its cobweb
Posted by FreeWorldOrder (04/02/14 11:11 AM)

It does look like mycelium. Looks kinda dry from the picture as well. Maybe stalled out on you for whatever reason.
I thought I had cobweb on some cakes and it just turned out to be some fuzzy mycelium. A little peroxide on a q-tip will disslove it pretty much instantly if it's cobweb. Cobweb is usually kinda greyish in color, but young mycelium can also look like that. A couple days and cobweb will cover the whole substrate or casing if using one....  lol.... my 1st contribution. Still pretty new to this myself but learning quick.
Posted by Pastywhyte (04/01/14 06:16 PM)
No its not cobweb but if that's how it looks ten days in I'd say its probably fucked.
Posted by Gorguss (03/30/14 09:52 PM)
Looks to be weak mycelium. I'm not certain, for an easy test though, check it 24 hours later. If its cobweb it'll be all over the substrate and really wispy.

I say no though.

Edited 3/30/2014 11:53 PM