Posted by Sexystoner420 (04/06/14 09:07 AM)
I have to say, this reminds me of high school lol
Posted by desupty (03/31/14 04:56 PM)
You'll puke. Lol. But DXM is a bad drug anyway. 
Posted by zeekinator (03/30/14 12:20 PM)
DXM fucking sucks.  No offense, it's a garbage drug.  I'd rather huff computer cleaner spray. Class up kiddies.  'MXE is the drug for me.' ,

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Posted by JAHRASTAFARI (03/30/14 11:41 AM)
Despite what the majority says, DXM is the best drug for me. The headspace, the visuals, the feeling. The only thing negative is the body mass you have to induce to achieve a higher plateau and the onset of the drug itself. I have tripped a couple of times with mucinex with hell of guafenesin, I was perfectly fine. It would only be lethal if you are *ENZYME DEFICIENT*. Make sure next time to get a pure product and do not trip too often. TWICE every two months is the way to go. If you wanna have a buzz just go smoke MARIJUANA. 
Posted by zeekinator (03/30/14 10:41 AM)
Yo my man, why you tryin' to use dxm in 2014?  Lololol that's like me back in high school in 2004.  Yo, are you not able to access better drugs, no disrespect meant, or are you just really keen on trying a dissociative?  Because if you want to use a dissociative, ketamine is far superior to dxm.  But ketamine is illegal and not so easy to comeby, but honestly I've never known a person to think about using dxm, let alone in cough medicine form, unless they did not have access to better chemicals.  I feel that you can't find better drugs than dxm at the moment, so let me enlighten a bro on a wonderful new UNSCHEDULED substance called MXE javascript:nicTemp(); . Where can you buy this and how?  Well visit just take a visit over to the church at my friend.  Make sure your state is not on this list javascript:nicTemp();

I'm trying to save u a kidney bro.

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Posted by rablaze84 (03/26/14 06:02 PM)
I would also advise against...I nearly overdosed doin the same have to make sure you at least get themaximum strenghth ciugh which sjould be 15/mg per 5/ml...better ratio than 10/5ml anyway...if you really want to not mess around do an extraction!!!
Posted by Common (03/26/14 12:31 PM)
Glad to hear you switched! And yeah, I've tried to robo trip before on about 550 mg of dxm and 2500 mg of guaifenesin and I didn't throw up but I'm good at holding it in. It made me sweat a lot and made me very nauseous. Adding that nausea to the drunken/heavy feeling you get on dxm completely ruined the trip and I ended up getting caught by my mom because I looked so sick. All in all, glad to hear you tripped hard and glad to hear you switched. Good luck robo trippin in the future.
Posted by Waldo420 (03/26/14 12:06 PM)
I ended up going to the store and picking up some syrup with only DXM as an active and it was a pretty intense trip. In glad I didn't take what i had before the vomiting would've definitely ruined the trip.
Posted by Common (03/26/14 06:18 AM)
I would definitely advise against it. 2,500 mg is a lot of Guaifenesin and it's likely to make you vomit. You are better off looking for a brand of cough syrup which the only active ingredient is Dextromethorphan. If you decide not to take my advice, good luck. Be safe and happy tripping!