Posted by Inovativo (04/28/14 06:38 AM)
Thanks for sharing.

But 30g? That sounds insane.
Posted by Devizome (03/13/14 04:36 PM)
That sounds like a very insightful experience. Do you now plan to refrain from ingesting any psychoactive substances for the rest of your life?
Posted by Fuckspice (02/21/14 12:41 AM)
a while back i ate around a quad of wild cincts with some maois, and i intended to meet a friend but it took me an hour and a half to make it out my house and i was stuck in fetal position in a hobbit-esque land and i felt like i was back at my roots.  Like a strange sense of nostalgia of a past life or something almost
Posted by harvesterofspores (02/20/14 01:35 PM)
Awesome trip report Brother!! Like the idea of keeping a journal, gonna have to do that.  Always such a great feeling to sit back and laugh about a trip, shows experience and understanding.
Posted by fraggy (02/19/14 12:25 PM)
30 grams with "lemon tek"? Like you said yourself, many things you didn't think of / take in account, like the fact that they were partially dried...
Happy to hear that it was a good experience for you. In any experience - good or bad - there's always the opportunity to learn something.

Glad it worked out all right for you :)