Posted by ghanjamonsta (02/15/14 04:27 PM)
Last night I had a 40oz, and a couple drinks made with root beer and vodka. Then ate about 2gs of gold caps (or whatever they're really called). I had the best night of my life! I know trips differ for everyone, so if mixing the two isn't for you then oh well was awesome for me. Ha
Posted by SuperFly (02/13/14 09:42 PM)
That was a lot of SWIMing
Posted by Mushie23 (02/13/14 05:29 PM)
Yup.  And alcohol mushrooms don't seem to mix well with what I've seen and experienced.  
Maybe all ma mushroom trips is why I quit drinking:)
Posted by hariKrishna (02/11/14 01:27 PM)
Good advice, and can apply to anything really. 

We live and we learn, brother.