Posted by Jimmy Sage (02/04/14 03:33 PM)
Beware of acid delusions.
Posted by LiquidGlass (02/03/14 04:16 AM)
Yeah I dont think david did anything. Shit can get weird on psychedelics. I feel it was travis having a difficult time and projected it into the trip. I mean, what should david have done? If my friends were getting into it like that I would not want to get involved either. Sounds like it was between you and travis and you put the blame on david because it felt easier than realizing you guys were just really high and arguing over nothing.

 Also, IMO, God and psychedelics do not mix well.

Also, was the blotter the Albert Hoffman painting by Alex Grey? And what part of the country are you in?

I got paper recently and it was that print, and let me tell you it was some of the strongest and best stuff I have seen in a long long time.
Posted by Fuckspice (02/02/14 08:25 PM)
My friend was convinced that i was evil and brainwashing him in some really complex way.  He later threatened to kill me if i talked to him, wwhen he finally came down and we smoked a bowl he thought about it some more and apologized but psychs can really fuck with your head.  When i took a lot of dissos mainly MXE, i got some form of derealization and it was simultaneously the most eye opening but also depressing few weeks of my life.  If you think LSD is heavy on your head i think LSA is 10x that.
Posted by Me_Roy (02/02/14 04:46 PM)
Posted by Parrott (02/02/14 12:06 PM)
This whole thing tells me that maybe you shouldn't be eating psychedelics...
Posted by Alicedee25 (02/01/14 09:46 PM)
"David left his strawberry meal bar open with ONE bite taken out of it, then casually leaves it in my friends backseat. It was like a sign he left the friendship and had known he brought the presence the entire time and thats why he was quiet all day"

on acid you can really read into things.