Posted by fraggy (02/19/14 12:56 PM)
Good thing you took only 1,5g because combining with orange juice potentiates the effect greatly! This is called Lemon-tek and any citric juice will work.
But beware of the Lemon tek, because the effect may be overwhelming.

"... Which I heard make the trip better or something." proves that you didn't do your research well enough, but at least you did have some idea of what you were doing... and using only 1,5 g saved your day :)

You should not fear drugs, but respect them. Always act with responsibility.
Research, plan, execute and then enjoy your trips :)
Posted by trippytitties86 (01/06/14 09:57 PM)
Yeah I've always had a really low Terrance for everything, pot, alcohol even caffeine lol, I'm pretty light weight. And I also tried acid before I did shrooms. the first few times I did it I liked it (even though it was fake acid and I never got to actually try real LSD.) but one time I tried some that was called STP. My friend referred to it as DOM. I hated that shit it lasted for almost 24 hours and I had one of the most horrific terrifying experiences of my life. After that I told myself I was done with acid cause you never know what you're getting. That was also 6 months before I tried shrooms, and I've never had a more comfortable, peaceful trip. PsychedelicGinge
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Posted by PsychedelicGinge (01/05/14 03:43 PM)
Man they are definitely right when they say shrooms effect everyone differently. I had done acid before I did shrooms and I had taken about 1.5 grams of Penis Envies and although I was tripping decently I still feel like I should of taken at least a gram more.  Your trip sounded fantastic and I'm glad you were able to experience it!
Posted by spark2fire (01/05/14 01:38 PM)
Glad you had a good first experience! About your question regaurding your next trip, I know this sounds cliche, but the more you worry about having a bad trip the more likely you are to have one :/ It is not uncommon for these questions (who am I, am I happy, am I sad ect.). Just keep positive thoughts :) It helps to have a sober friend with you to keep you on track to having a good trip. First time I had anything over an eighth, I had a good friend there to chill with me and my other friends tripping just to keep an eye on me ha. During this trip I got a text from a girl that upset me a little. I started to get sad and think about it too much, but my friend stepped in and just said things like "Just be happy man, thing happy thoughts, don't worry about her right now, enjoy your trip and don't get caught up in something. Be happy!" I know it sounds corny but it did help. All in all, just keep a positive attitude, and to be extra cautious, keep a few benzos around in case you start to freak yourself out. It's all about enjoying your trip and letting your mind wander, just steer it in the right direction :)