Posted by dnkers (11/28/13 12:05 PM)
it didn't smell bad just "shroomy". Unfortunately i paniced and threw all jars away except one to look what it is going to become ;-/ this looks like this : [url=][image][/image][/url]

again sorry for bad quality have no good camera here at the moment, however, thank you for your help :)
Posted by RogerAdams (11/28/13 11:06 AM)
The picture is terrible. The image is not focused very well and you could be to close or zooming in to much. You could also have condensation in your jar.

What you should do is smell it. If it smells sour it is bacteria and you should throw it away. Bacteria can be caused by any combination of the following: from using an old spore syringe, not sterilizing your jar properly, inoculating without sterile precautions, having a leak in your jar and/or incubating at too high of a temperature.

Visually bacteria will look like little areas of plaques.

It might be bacillus, it might not. Don't get caught up on what specific bacteria species it is. Just smell it and if its bad toss it.

Edited 11/28/2013 12:07 PM
Posted by Dirtygoat (11/26/13 11:06 AM)
Post in the forums for better help. I'm new too so I won't be able to help much, but at the message board you can def get more info.
(Click community on top, then message board. Post in one of those things)