Posted by chindian (12/20/13 06:41 PM)
I know the feeling! when you die in a trip its hard to come back from you gotta keep your mind as far away from that kinda stuff. hopefully the rest of the trip was better.
Posted by Mummitrollet (12/01/13 05:41 PM)
haha. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall on that dance. Or in your head for that matter :=)

My first time with shrooms was overall not a good experience so I understand what u say about being permanently stuck in your head or in my case in a train of thought looping infinitely. But set and setting and NOT smoking weed seems to be helpful to almost ensure a good trip for me at least.

I am now building up slowly again, took 4 grams first time. Last time now I took 1,5g. I had total "control" which I guess means I was able to let go to everything that was being thrown at me.
I feel now I have the required framework to handle larger amounts and I could not have gotten that with only large doses which would have just overwhelmed me for sure. It seems to me that for many people it is important to get to know the house before you take out the lights and try to run around in total darkness. If u know what I mean.

I have never tried LSD but would like to if I could get hold of something I knew where pure. I agree with you about the total immersion in the state with large enough doses. On 4gs I forgot I was eating mushrooms and just was going through what must have been hell. No escape, doomed for eternity.  But it can go both ways. I experienced something completely mind shattering when I was rising above my body and knowing I was dead now and sort of laughing at myself for being so stupid to believe I was actually a human being. Glad to be out of that limiting body. I knew then that I was of course a soul, only temporarily been human, and now again a part of that cosmic consciousness, God, the whole bit. It was weird to come back to  my body to say the least.

It can also be very rewarding with small doses where you can more challenge your current ego status and analyze your faulty thinking and so on.

Wish u happy travels man
Posted by guccishades420 (11/25/13 10:47 PM)
To Mummitrollet

Yea im definitely glad i had my friend there, otherwise it would have ended a lot worse

This is my 2nd bad trip ever so I i wasn't very prepared to bring myself out of it. The other was my first LSD trip when i decided to take it before a school dance. Worst place EVER to trip.

Also yea your right about not tripping when my family is home. I've experimented with a fair amount of psychadelics and ive done shrooms many times so i guess i made the mistake of thinking i could handle myself. But one thing i realized is that shrooms, in small quantities (1.5 - 2.5), is a psychedelic drug, which means you know what your seeing is not real, kind of like LSD. But when you take higher quantites you get effects similar to a hallucinogen like salvia, where you basically lose your sense of being and sometimes don't even remember things as basic as your name. So the hallucinations become basically everything you know.
Posted by Mummitrollet (11/25/13 04:01 PM)
Seems like it was a good idea to bring your friend after all, if only because he could calm you down about your dog being fine and all. Who knows what that could have escalated into?

Im not sure but it seems to me that all bad trips begin slow. The trick is to spot a bad trip while its still a seed and stop it before it is allowed to penetrate its long trippy roots deep into your mind.

And stop being a douche and dont trip when your family is home... jeeesus!

Accept and let go
Posted by Mimick (11/23/13 09:04 AM)
Stuff's crazy, i remember one time my vision became almost like bubbles getting larger, then they would "pop" and my normal vision would return.
Complete mind fuck is correct. Not just visually, but mentally as well.
Posted by travelleler (11/22/13 05:24 PM)
sounds normal.
Posted by K1ngSp4de (11/22/13 01:36 PM)
Thats what they'll do to ya. Complete mindfuck.