Posted by LiquidGlass (11/15/13 01:07 AM)
" I tripped over 18hrs " . . . 

L does not last that long esp. at only a 250ug dose. What country do you live in? because if you live in the U.S. I am 99% certain your friend does not "know the chemist"
Posted by RogerAdams (11/12/13 01:28 PM)
I enjoyed your story and found it fascinating. Sounds like you got some really great shit.

I just want to point out that school and the pursuit of knowledge is what gave Dr Albert Hoffman the foundation and the technical training to synthesize and discover acid in the first place. It also helped your friends friend who is a chemist learn how to make the stuff. Acid realizations are good, but they are hallucinations. People don't live in your reality unless they are also tripping a lot. They are normal, they get drunk, they buy in to the society mainframe and to successfully interact with them and their world you end up being forced to buy to a certain extent too.

Keep on keeping it on.