Posted by Zennman95 (07/07/14 03:01 AM)
I agree, there is a point where life no longer explains all we want it to, there is an infinite amount of information to obtain through all those who are and have been. it all part of the one. im sure the part of the reason you were rejected was because you were seeking, questioning, through being, all the answers come to you. all is made clear, questioning is a form of doubt. doubt is negative just as fear is. so questions are a form of fear. through acceptance and being. all will be made clear when its meant to. it  is, it always will be
Posted by AkashicExplorer (11/05/13 02:17 PM)
That has a huge deep degree of sense, actually, thanks a lot! Now that I read your comment I somehow find an answer... you provided a response for the zapping I felt... 

Getting to that point of Oneness while I am having an individual experience at this moment is like not compatible, maybe because I am alive in a physical body? Hence the zap. Maybe I reached the line of re-unification with Source? Where the individual souls merge back with Source? Since I am still alive and my Soul is attached to my physical body, the merge resulted in impossible (as it would cause death, which I am not meant to yet) and hence feeling zapped, like pushed back? I recall the feeling and the sensation like if it happened yesterday... it was something beyond words. Every time the zap felt stronger and more intense, as I mentioned above, to the point of seeing a greater Source behind, which as you mention, the Ultimate Source,,, where re-unification occurs?

It was not scary at all, just intense... very intense, every time for intense. Am I maybe trying to go too far? I was able to poke inside on the last zap, as I saw a brighter white light beyond the Light of Source... what if I keep trying? What if I am able to cross the line, experience a temporal unification with Source and then, bring all of that back to my Physical body (as my Soul will still be attached to it) and bring something beyond words.) My mind is going crazy now... it is amazing how easier it gets to access this information... it seems that the more trips, the easier it is to access this sober... I am sterilizing jars for my upcoming growth... I guess I have plans for my next trip already...
Posted by slavia (11/01/13 10:31 AM)
Can you be absolutely sure that at that very moment you didn't see/understand beyond what you perceived as being the Source? From your description, I understand that even if you felt as your ego was obliterated on the way, you still had some sense of individuality (you were asking the Source something, you were not part of the Source asking itself the question). Is it possible that beyond that point there is no more separation? I mean no separation at all? And what you have perceived as a zapping to be in fact something like a reset? Something like: you ask the question, you are allowed to enter the ultimate state of Oneness and find your answer, understand it and then in order to bring it back in this reality you exit the state of total Oneness to become the individual you currently are. As a result, you are separated again and in the state of separation you can't process the information, so you just feel like you never got your answer. And you do that several times, and each time you feel the separation from the Oneness/ the reset as that zapping you were talking about.

Enjoy life,