Posted by determity (12/08/13 06:08 PM)
ah man dont things just taste so good on shrooms !  i had banana and chocolate ice cream with a choco sponge cream cake , theres fkn nothing like it !
Posted by Galaxytripper (10/28/13 08:24 PM)
Now that it's the season to be merry, I went hunting, lucked out and found a monster cyanescens patch in a park. Made some chocolates, each with 1gram of shrooms. I've had quite a few trips, so I have some experience. I took just 1 gram and that got me to where I needed to go. Powerful.  Greedily I took a second gram. This was quite emotionally powerful. Incredible visuals, patterns, bejeweled mandalas. Amazing. Lasted a few hours, but it kind of hit my nervous system good. That is, when I went to bed, my nervous system was very agitated, not a bad experience, but just that it was like the shrooms were saying: you want more? ok. We'll give you more. How's this for size?  And they give you more than you asked for. It was like, I was the bottleneck for the emotions that were passing through. I needed a bigger pipe to process all this.

Does anyone know whether cyanescens are known pre-eminently for their emotional content, or cerebral content, or both?  As a related point, someone told me that somewhere along the line, people had figured out that the caps gave a cerebral experience, whereas the stems gave a more emotional experience (not that I only took stems), but if that's true, then it has powerful symbolic implications -it's like the cap is the human head and the stem is the human spine and central nervous system, and this symbolism is built in to the fabric of the mushroom structure. Think about that... Does anyone out there have an insight into this?
Posted by HostileX420 (10/25/13 03:07 PM)
Once you get to that level of a trip find your woman and have sex!!!! WOW!!! It's like being reborn and doing it for the 1st time (sex) its A M A Z I N G!!!! "YOU EVER HAD SEX"? YOU EVER HAD SEX ON SRHOOOOMZ"? LOL!  And great story mate!
Edited 10/25/2013 5:07 PM
Posted by Exogenesis (10/25/13 06:03 AM)
Nice one, thanks for sharing.

Given your experience, 1.5-2.5g is a nice range to stay within until you feel more comfortable. 2g Cubensis is my personal favourite at present. All of the good, none of the bad.

Also, the period in between trips is where all the work is really done. The effects on mood, outlook etc can hang around for months :)
Posted by Aristos999 (10/25/13 03:12 AM)
Cheers , thanks for the feedback. Yeah I might try it again one day. Il take your advice onboard and will see how it goes. Thanks again
Posted by Dirtygoat (10/24/13 11:31 AM)
Nice story, I enjoyed reading it.
I have tripped on several occasions so I would consider myself an experienced user. I got to the point where you said you closed your eyes and got some uncomfortable images in your head and I know exactly how that felt. That may have been one of the parts that frightened you about your experience tripping, but as you can probably tell, these thoughts can be controlled. The fact that you went into the trip unsure about it (of course it is your first time) was what may have made it less enjoyable. The mood you start with will be how you will feel for the trip for the most part.
I also just wanted to say, you mentioned its not exactly your thing, I believe the opportunity will come up again and you will think about trying it again, I suggest finding a good friend willing to trip with you, and plan a nice day to allow yourself to go outside, trust me it is better outside and with a small group of trustable people, you will enjoy yourself better. I hope my experience can rub off. Happy trippin'!