Posted by MudaFuka (12/14/13 08:25 PM)
Anyone who has anything bad to say about B is crazy I just harvested some last week and it was the moste visual trip iv had on shrooms.
Posted by TraxSeos (11/18/13 12:58 AM)
nice monster shroom! ive got my first B 's colonizing right now. ive grown golden teacher before a while back and tripped off of it. but only 1 cake for myself. this time ive got 12 cakes going for me n my friends.
Posted by Padi (11/17/13 03:12 PM)
Your comment made me stoked haha, im so ready to grow my own trips!
Posted by monoculture (10/20/13 06:16 PM)
It's B plus, because they should be an easy start, which was proved to be right here. ;)
Tried those mushrooms yesterday and had a nice experience. They were stronger than the reviews made me think, and I've tripped a lot before on acid and shrooms, so i'm not unexperienced with it.
I'm happy my first test worked out, it's proven I can grow my own trips now. ;)
Edited 10/21/2013 3:35 AM
Posted by Boudicca (10/18/13 07:38 PM)
Wow, good work! What variety did you use? Those are lovely :)