Posted by CannabiForMen (10/15/13 10:50 AM)
Prolific Mycognome, thanks man. I hope to have more to post soon potentially an MAOI and shroom report. Glad you enjoyed it 
Posted by Prolific Mycognome (10/14/13 11:08 AM)
Really appreciated your introspection, this was an awesome trip report. Hope to hear more from you.
Posted by Fuckspice (10/13/13 10:34 PM)
hahaha i know that feeling after an insane trip and you look at a clock and are like that was only a couple hours or a few minutes depending on what drug.
my first time salvia i ripped a fat bowl from my friends kong held it in for like 6 sec and vommitted on the floor. i took another rip and before i new it as i was handing my friend his bong i was seeing myself from above and the walls were like folding about like origami and opening into new walls and doors
Posted by DustJuice (10/11/13 02:11 AM)
nice report enjoyed reading it. I see a lot of kids losing their shit in one way or another on youtube from salvia. I struggle to see its benefits but no doubt they are there, and one day I hope to try it and not roll around on the floor smashing vases and moaning. peace.