Posted by Enslyn (10/10/13 12:23 AM)
SET AND SETTING. Yes, it's possible to have a bad time on MDMA,  99.99% of the time it's caused by outside influences, as seen in this report. Once or twice while rolling I've had to deal with unexpected shit that I DID NOT want to deal with at that point in time, and things got depressing. For me though, once I had dealt with it, everything flips 180 degrees and I'm having a great time again.
Posted by crimsonking91 (10/09/13 06:37 AM)
Because I could be sitting in a holding cell and .1 of mdma would still feel good. Well maybe not idk lol
Posted by crimsonking91 (10/09/13 06:36 AM)
Yea I agree what you had wasnt molly, did you see the powder? If you couldn't taste it on the capsule it probably wasn't. Its very strong tasting and reminds me of root beer, maybe because it comes from sassafras.
Posted by smokaline (10/08/13 11:31 AM)
I see
A point and unsure of quality hmmmmmmm
A point of e is designed by god to only have a good time
Think it was mixture of two c drugs in shit
Molly is only molly if you just got it from the lab not your cool homie hook
And then test yourself often combos are great tiny mda splashed in their or some methedrine
But molly implies known purity and iv never seen a
Nything like this happen
Two c i mixed with shitty speed and drop two c e maybe but mdma is like eating out the vagina of god herself
Posted by smokaline (10/08/13 11:24 AM)
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] i suspect highly your molly was cut to shit with shitty tweaky rcs infact do you even know contents?
I have a hard time beleiving molly which is pure could cause
A bad experience and theres really no trip anyway theres a peak
But ive also only had to dose conservitivly only once have i ever taken
Two doses if its molly a hit of eighty to one fifty tops should roll
Your face off pure euphoria e isnt psychedelic enough to
Have a badass style bad mush trip ymmv
Posted by Shpongle1 (10/07/13 01:52 PM)
There's no need to tell him to "disregard my comment" man.  Because nothing I said is inaccurate.  I'm not saying it CAN'T happen.  But you straight up said yourself "especially on high doses of molly".

He took .1g.  That is extremely far from a high dose.  I'm not discounting the fact that he said he had a bad time.  But he was talking about "swirling shadows into a whirpool" and seeing dark swirling colors when he closed his eyes and stuff.  Nothing about this sounds like .1g of MDMA to me, that's all I'm saying.  Again, not saying it wasn't.  But its very common these days for it not to be.  Much  more common than I had previously thought.  Anyway it doesn't matter. 

Don't let it turn you off from MDMA though OP.  I would just say hang out in a better environment where you don't have to depend on your friends who apparently act like "douches" as you put it sometimes or are boring to be around.  As with GoldenEye, if you're in a different setting you can go off and interact with other people if your friends are acting like a fools and end up having a much better time, as he did.

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Posted by GoldenEye (10/07/13 06:25 AM)
Disregard the first comment. This can definetely happen. Especially on high doses of molly in adverse conditions.

Two of the better pills I have had (both up of 200mg clean MDMA - we get to test the fuckers for free in a lab over here, the joy of living in Amsterdam) have caused a similar reaction in me due to heavy emotional circumstances surrounding the use.

One was on a holiday where I hooked up with two best friends. The girls got jealous and things got messy. I felt the heavy atmosphere, I was tired and did not want to take the pill. I did and it went like you described.

Second was at a festival where during the come up some fight arose in my group of friends. They would not tell me what it was about. I felt similar to the previous case and decided to get as far away from them as possible. I told a couple of strangers about it and went on to have a great time from there. Had I stayed with my friends through all the bullshit, I know what would have happened...

Sphongle appearently has only had positive experiences (far more likely) but that doesn't mean it can go the other way.
Posted by Shpongle1 (10/06/13 09:55 AM)
I don't know man, I really think either A.) That wasn't molly.  This is the most likely explanation.  It's actually very common to have things sold as molly that aren't.  I just read in a report just how frequently and I was surprised.  I knew it happened but didn't realize it was to the extent that it is.  OR B.)  You were just in a bad mood and the molly you took, if it was in fact molly, really didn't do shit to you and you just stayed in a bad mood.

.1g of mdma is a light dose, even if it was extremely pure.  I find it nearly impossible to believe that the alleged MDMA, at that dosage, could cause such intense experiences, whether negative or positive.  The fact that they were negative is also rather suspect because experiences with real MDMA when taken in safe environments at safe dosages are overwhelmingly and nearly completely described as positive experiences.

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