Posted by Dense Cake (01/06/14 09:58 PM)
I bust out laughing at the point when you pulled Plato's Republic out of your bag. I was like, "Oh shit, there's gonna be some BIG questions now." I was a philosophy major in college, and I to can tell of the gratifying feelings that one gets when they start to uncover the bedsheets of the world's secrets for the first time. Since my studies have ended I have learned so much about myself. That's why I originally became a philosophy major was to investigate the questions I had about my existence and who I should be in this world (ethics, mostly), but I can tell that what brought you in particular close to philosophy was just your genuine curiosity, waiting to be peeled back by your highly interesting trip.

Loved the read and I think this must have been such a great trip!
Thank you!
Posted by bulipap (10/17/13 09:05 AM)
This is what each of us would need.
Posted by jkJanitor (09/19/13 01:52 PM)
I enjoyed the read.
Posted by MystiqueMushroom (09/17/13 03:13 PM)
Beautiful first tripĀ