Posted by gimzolord (10/01/13 05:41 PM)
thanks man, i took another mushie trip on my birthday a week later and got some understandings on my level 5 trip. 

1 the Ancients are my personal guardian angel/angels when you take mushies in high doses you get a forced convo with them and they are in control of the convo, they make you get realisations about your life and what you are doing wrong and what you need to fix in order to live the plan god has laid out for you/us.

2 when i was in the field and flowers were growing out of my chest they were Opium Poppies and i have always hated opiates (prescribed) but i have always loved poppies and been hesitent about opium although i had already planned to try, this trip gave me the realisation that things in their plant forms are perfectly fine for us as humans to take its when we as humans muck around with things then we get hurt, ie opium into heroin. so this has given me the reasurance that the opium will be fine even though i dont like pescribed painkillers. in no way do i mean that opium is equivelent to ganja, herb is a gift from god and is meant to be used for the healing of the nations.

just some things id thought id share.
Posted by Johnny420 (09/19/13 04:12 PM)
I'm glad everything worked out for you and it changed your life for the better, thanks for the great read!