Posted by davidmckenna (10/24/13 09:38 AM)
Incredible for a first trip, nice one
Posted by i like cow poo (08/22/13 12:39 PM)
im glad you had a great trip. Stat safe man. A experience that powerful can also put you through hell and back.
Posted by tybojengles (08/21/13 03:29 PM)
Very well said. I can't believe how detailed people's memories of their trips are! I usually can't remember a lot of my thoughts and wish I could afterwards. . . That being said, I haven't gone for a level 5 yet. I'll ease into it after my very first flush in a couple weeks. 
Posted by weshroom (08/18/13 07:17 PM)
Posted by mio (08/18/13 05:38 PM)
"Did I die"

Hopefully ^^


only with egodeath hehe

you won't know in the trip but after some weeks you will know if something changed

always let go in trips, if you go for level5 do it alone if you want to die ;-)

level5 is bad if you don't let go, always let go, embrace death and look right at the fear without fearing it

pease :-)

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