Posted by shoggoth (08/12/13 03:38 PM)
Hi, thank you very much for commenting. I definitely plan to trip while out in nature in the future (though I have no idea when I'll have such opportunities, since shrooms are hard to get where I live). I felt a very strong connection with the ecosystem, and I know it would've been much better if I'd been in the woods. I'd love to shroom on a beach sometime. I will always be very cautious. Shrooms are a very valuable natural tool and do indeed deserve respect. Best to you.
Posted by SomeGuyX (08/10/13 02:25 AM)
Good read, and sounds like a good trip. I'm glad another curious soul is out there exploring the magical world of mushrooms, and I wish you well in more trips to come. 

As you noticed, you are way more susceptible to vibes when you are on shrooms. Different rooms have different atmospheres and music has different (or more intense) feelings... This is usually a good thing but something to prepare for when you trip with others. I first started taking hallucinogens with my close friends, and when I finally tripped by myself I was so not used to the feeling that it was a little more overwhelming than I was prepared for. Always remember that there are about half a million factors in a trip. Temperature, who you are with, the time of day/night, your mindset, what you ate, prescriptions, etc. You seem responsible enough, but I am warning you to pay attention to these factors before you trip by yourself/with others. 

If I were you, I would try tripping more outside. You have the right idea, exploring different atmospheres and situations, but the indoors can often feel isolated or crammed... The openness of the night sky and the city can be one of the best feelings ever. Or maybe a park (of course be careful), or go exploring in nature or something. When I trip I have all of these things I want to try, to explore, but I end up getting too overwhelmed with the present that the things I wanted to do just don't compare, or seem minuscule to what exists in that moment. Writing this, I guess I will try to layout my trip a little more organized so I can be a little more efficient with how I explore the shroom world. 

You have a lot to look forward to with mushrooms. Always remember to respect your shrooms or they will kick your ass. They deserve respect. As long as you have good intentions, they should take care of you. If not, it usually isn't the shrooms fault. Its something within YOU. 

You have opened a new world. It can be more beautiful than you can imagine, and more terrifying than you can comprehend. A blessing and a curse. They usually go hand in hand, at least for me. So I wish you luck with your circumstances, be safe.