Posted by JAHRASTAFARI (02/04/14 12:23 AM)
I am a DXM ADDICT  before I dropped my first 2 hits of LSD. Try finding some acid and find out how a natural and serene trip feels like. DXM is a dark, deep space of nothingness. Similar to the meth feel, but with the trip vibe. Hopefully your ingesting medicine in which Dextromethorphan is the only ingredient on it. Without no guafenesin of aceth. Well, try smoking ganja everyday let's see how that goes.
Posted by DistortedSpiral (11/20/13 07:34 PM)
Damn that's nuts. I used to trip dxm but I puked on it once and ever since then I can't even look at DXM products without feeling nauseous. Glad nothing worse happened to you mate, stick to acid or shrooms! They're more fun anyways ;D
Posted by SOSA_420 (08/16/13 10:28 PM)
I know about the smoking I use to smoke before then take them and then continue to smoke. And when I'm coming down smoke more. 
Posted by MidgetPawn (07/16/13 09:41 PM)
I have a friend/ex girlfriend who has one of the most serious dxm addicts possible. I think she's mostly off the stuff now, but I've witnessed her take it every day for a few years with the exception of a few weeks total time where she was using something else or just couldn't get any, but I know for a fact that she did it almost every day since 2001 up until a few months ago when she started taking suboxone to break her dxm addiction. She would go to some extreme lengths to get the stuff or get me to help her get it, and if I wouldn't help her get it she would do something extreme or just manipulate me into helping her get some.

I was really surprised at the lack of negative long term side effects that came from so much dxm abuse. She had doctors complete check out her body and brain to check for holes in her brain or any serious damage to her body from the stuff and they found nothing. She isn't exactly the average girl, and has some quirks, but she's hardly lost in space or perma detached from reality or anything serious.

DXM is great to write music or really do anything creative with, but it isn't something you should do all the time.

btw even if they pumped your stomach it wouldn't change a thing. It's absorbed into your stomach extremely quick and I know people used to drink it then puke on purpose for some reason, I forget why, I think it was maybe if you get cough syrup with other stuff in it but just want the dxm. I forget exactly


Oh and to trip really hard don't smoke weed all day or before taking sxm then wait till you're tripping and smoke weed. It will have a synergetic effect. DXM is one of the safest most powerful drugs I know of for altering your mind, but I don't condone it unless you are going to do something creative.

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Posted by SOSA_420 (07/16/13 09:17 PM)
Dang.that sounds crazy. Mine was more like that being high my body was telling me no more. Cause I just didn't care about anything around me not what was happening not anything. To me that was enough I was like yea I don't want that no more. But I never experienced voices and iv smoked large amounts of potent weed before, during , and after my Robo trip. But everyone reacts to things differently. 
Posted by Psychotria (07/15/13 09:45 PM)
This reminds me off my robo days, until my last which was different to your last trip. I myself loved robo tripping but my last one was just too much for me too handle, pretty much i just heard all pitches of voices going over each other, so i didn't know what the fuck they were saying.
Posted by SOSA_420 (07/15/13 08:38 PM)
I would like to tell myself I would have quit on my own but honestly probably not. And thanks.
Posted by darkesthour (07/15/13 01:00 PM)
that's crazy man. do you think you'd still be doing it if you hadn't got caught by your parents? glad you got out ok. dxm is a hellofa drug.