Posted by Grigore (08/18/13 02:56 PM)

I took 600 mg of dxm at once(30 pills) and now,after 3 days,I realized I have Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder because of it,does anybody know how to get rid of this? I want my life back to normal!

Posted by dextroacidsoul19 (08/04/13 11:28 PM)
One of the greatest things about dxm is the beautiful come down. Robo gels typically give the most nausea, or for me they did at least. The polisterex varieties usually gave me the least amount of nausea, and more cev's. Dxm hydro bromide  tends to be more of a stoning body high with less hallucinogenic effects, but also heeds a more beautiful comedown than polisterex. I found that I couldn't reach the forth plateau on polisterex, and that the 1st plateau was almost not there. It's almost all or nothing with polisterex but never getting past the third plateau even if 1400 mgs were consumed, whereas with hydro bromide I could experience the body high without the hallucinogenic effects by just taking enough for a first or second plateau dose, and be able to clearly tell a difference between the plateaus. Be careful taking 40 robo caps at once though, because you don't want to waste your shit by yacking them all up 30 minutes later. 
Posted by SammyPsychonaut (07/15/13 11:37 PM)
Yeah, then I do think staggering out doses has a impact on the effect. And yeah I did my math wrong, I thought it was a little off because 900 Mg is enough to really fuck peoples shit up haha. 
Posted by st1llnox (07/15/13 11:25 PM)
Great report! Wouldn't it be 600mg though? Each robocaps bottle has 20x15mg so 40 would be 600mg. I did 600 the same way the other night and I'm like you... I wanna try taking them all at once and blasting off!  :awesome:

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