Posted by djheisenberg (07/27/13 01:26 PM)
Its amazing being able to relate to such good trips like this
Posted by weshroom (07/13/13 03:29 PM)
Posted by mio (07/13/13 03:45 AM)
I think lsd could save the world
My experience with rebirth us exactly like yours

No problems now  live in the moment
Appreciate what you have
You always have everything you need

Peace :)
Posted by HuskyKing (07/12/13 11:05 PM)
That was a really interesting and similar trip to mine. 

Only I was tripping on 25i nbome :/ 

Solo trips are so spiritual and enlightening its amazing. 

And arent you only gonna get the body high maybe a little bit of mind expansion since you just tripped a day ago on 3 tabs?

Your tolerance will be pretty built up since you upped the dose recently as well.

Anyway great story and I really enjoyed the trip report. I really want to try lsd now haha.

Good vibes bro