Posted by Prolific Mycognome (09/07/13 04:08 PM)
This is the true experience. I know I've been there with you at some point.
Posted by SomeGuyX (08/10/13 06:39 PM)
Sounds very intense! Sounds like you became one with the universe and experienced a rebirth. Shrooms are unsettling and amazing at the same time, and no words can accurately describe what we experience. But WE try to remember the best we can, but words just make it fall short. If anything, hold on to the feelings you had. Remember how you felt. 
Posted by durto (07/11/13 01:46 AM)
The dose was 27g of fresh psilocybe subaeruginosa, which I calculated from

The music was psytrance for the more intense parts.  I actually think it had a huge impact on how the experience went as I looked back over the playlist later and could basically map what I was feeling to what music was playing.  Earlier, I had been listening to "chillout" type music, Royskopp and so on and it was shortly after I switched to psytrance that it all happened.

Edited 7/11/2013 5:16 PM
Posted by Schopenhauer (07/01/13 09:01 AM)

Sounds like a good one! Bloody AMAZING, isn't it! :)
Posted by smiggert (06/30/13 08:49 PM)
nice trip report. what dose was it in grams?
Posted by Papa Moon (06/29/13 06:22 PM)
Nice report :) I want to have an experience like this, may I ask what music you were listening to?