Posted by ATCSharp (06/26/13 09:36 PM)
This is bat country!
Posted by ekimslow (06/24/13 07:08 PM)
hey thanks for sharing your story.  i just feel obliged to chime in that i think you experienced a low level 4, tops.      and you're 'very very bad' only sounds uncomfortable!

level 5.... lol, there's no walking to stores, 'hey do these chips look good' , there's no finally swiping the card after 30 seconds,  there's no running to parks, ...there really shouldn't even be freaking out.   you're merely an observer at that point.  and hopefully, god willing, at level 5, you are to destroyed to be mobile.    

that was a kind stranger to help you out... who knows, maybe it was you and you were a mobile level 5, hahah