Posted by TripAlaska (05/25/22 07:29 PM)
you have given me an idea thank you for your work, and time sharing!!

Posted by 7munkee (06/26/16 11:21 AM)
I think I'm going to follow this but alternativly, I'll put the holes on the 2 shortest sides.  It would be easier for me to work.
Posted by thenewguy05 (06/17/13 01:26 AM)
For a Still-Air-Box, you can skip the gloves and clamp step; but you will want to have 4" end caps for the threaded PVC (to keep dust out during storage). Tyvek sleeves don't need to be attached to the box, you can just wear them as long as they are new or sterile.
Posted by mio (06/05/13 04:40 PM)
Agree not much use for gloveboxes in this hobby

Only still air boxes

Since we sterilize outside

But else it looks good if a glovebox is what you want
Probably preference  but i think still air is much easier to work with
Since you can move arms and bring things inside

Tyvek sleves maybe  but no gloves attached
Posted by veda_sticks (06/04/13 04:30 PM)
actually i just noticed the part about wiping down with IPA. You should NEVER wipe down a glovebox or SAB with IPA it can be potentially dangerous.

Plus its not nessary, since it relies on still air. wipe down and leave the walls wet (water is fine) wet walls help keep contams out of the air. Alcohol will evaporate pretty quickly and alcohol fumes can be explosive.
Posted by veda_sticks (06/04/13 04:26 PM)
Nice writeup the pictures are not working for me for some odd reason.

Im not a fan of glovebox's, i much prefer SAB's with no gloves. It means that you can flame sterilise outside, as flame sterilising inside a glovebox can be dangerous if you have alcohol fumes inside, plus flames create heat, and heat creates air currents.

But people have good success with glovebox's
Posted by 2bakednate (06/04/13 01:21 AM)
Looks legit
Awesome work