Posted by Ronda (05/06/13 01:22 AM)
really great trip description!! sounds like and incredible and enlightening experience. ive had similar experiences where you just feel like multiple realities exist simultaneously, it can get crazy!! 
Posted by allseeingike (05/04/13 05:38 AM)
Awesome trip deport man really fun to read. I literally had the same experience on 3 blotters in January except I was outside in a ranch while I slipped away well actually inside a bus at the ranch.   Good job
Posted by mio (05/02/13 12:41 AM)
One with all connected to all  others thoughts being your thoughts  being in multiple places at once

Thoughts being broadcasted ;)
Posted by mio (05/02/13 12:40 AM)
Get the same lvl5 on 2 grey shivas in eu  good stuff :;)