Posted by Swkz93 (06/19/13 03:02 AM)
Some pretty crazy stuff, dude. If you ask me, you could totally write some sort of story based on this. If you have any more stories of this sort, send me a PM, because I'd love to read it.
Posted by Shamanic intent (04/25/13 10:10 PM)
Im glad you guys Liked the read! I tried to be as informative as possible. I have been playing the Flute for 8 years now, and it certainly has lead me down am exciting path, its like my true self was awakened through its use, sounds corny or Cliche, but im serious. It was one of the only instruments that I was really able to stick with, as one doesnt have to practice for 10years on a Plains flute to make beautiful music, as it is a very simple instrument and the basic scale is minor pentatonic scale. which means all the notes sound great together, so one can compose directly from the heart, right on the fly. I would say you can actually start sounding decent after about one week of hour a day or less practice, its nothing but pure pleasure, and the emotion that you are projecting. Without the distractions of the physical world(eyes shut/ blind fold) it is very easy to enter the Dream state, im not saying the open eye visuals and experiences are inferior, they are just different. I will say though that anytime I have really had a life changing journey it has always been under the blindfold, for me personally.  Intent is also very important, if not the most important, if one simply intends to just get "fucked up" then 9/10 that is all one will achieve. If one truly Intends to travel the spirit world, or meet different beings then often that is what is achieved. Every faith around the world from my perspective boils down to Intent, I feel if more people can understand this then this world in which we live could be a much better place for all walks of life. Teacher plants are Catalysts for the knowledge craving minds, so long as we use them for such. Even Marijuana is highly underestimated in terms of soul travel and soul searching, again it becomes a totally different thing when one allows cannabis  to really descend into the depths of ones consciousness. Thank you guys for making me feel so welcome during my first post, I hope to have many, many more!
Posted by lvilledanksta (04/25/13 09:45 AM)
thank you kindly for sharing this! i love hearing other peoples journeys. how long have you been playing the flute? sounds like an amazing talent. you have definitely inspired me to go forward with another fungi experience. its been years, as i prefer L for my medicine journeys. i would really like to try depriving my senses a little bit as you did.
Posted by scorpine6 (04/25/13 02:42 AM)
Nice post, i enjoyed viewing the world you saw .