Posted by CannabiForMen (10/08/13 04:05 AM)
HOLY SHIT. My first breakthrough had me come to in a world where everything was made
Of zippers. I can't believe other people feel this too. 
Posted by southlondon (05/03/13 06:15 AM)
Had a similar experience.

Mine started out normally, until the 2 friends I was looking at turned entirely into zips, imagine this: javascript:nicTemp(); but zips instead of post-its. That continued until I was somewhere else entirely. 

I was then in some weird world where I had sharp pincer-like arms made of plastic, and wearing my jeans back to front on my arms. I was in a room with millions of these same things and that that was in fact my REAL life, and the life I lead up until that point was a very long and vivid dream.

It was not very pleasant at all to be honest.
Posted by Admon420 (04/18/13 01:44 PM)
Ive been to some weird dimensions on salvia too, in fact, psychadelics led me to my path in life, theoretical physics. Considering the universe blessed me with mathematical prowess, I owe it to the universe to unlock its secrets. And considering I'm still at a 4.0 with 40 hours and counting, I have faith the secrets of quantum mechanics will one day unravel themselves to me.
Posted by littleton (04/17/13 08:58 PM)
ive had very similar but my come down was like tripping balls on acid for like 20 minutes so coming down didnt bother me at all haha but the very last time i did salvia i took the hit held it in and then 30 seconds later i hit the point where you were at all i remember is feeling like a stack of sheets and it kept ripping from left to right and i could litterally feel this stack ripping everytime like it was me and i felt like it was me and i panicked and was yelling off in the space i was at for whoever to stop ripping the stacks, each rip its like i felt the wave go across my face then i remember being back in my seat like what thefuck was that.... and appearntly my friends said i walked over to the door and stood there and then they pointed me back to my seat and i went ther and sat down and was mumbling words very quietly but i dont remember that part at all.. gotta love tripping
Posted by Spectacle (04/13/13 05:05 PM)
Every time i have gotten the full blown trip from salvia , my visual reality goes completely 2 dimensional with me stuck to 'entirety' with a feeling of being zipped or stitched to it.
Posted by rugwall (04/13/13 04:31 AM)
Sounds like you got quite a breakthrough. I've felt the zipper effect, it is rather strange. It is like the 3D reality we know, just unfolds itself, and everyone and everything is all of a sudden connected to your own body. It is strange and kind of scary to feel that. When I did it, it felt like everything was on a gigantic 2D surface with me stuck on it.

I was also scared off from doing salvia again. I know what it's going to do if I use it again, but I don't want that feeling, even if i fully expect it. It is interesting to think about why salvia produces such a cognitive change to elicit such an experience.

Hopefully this doesn't disturb you, but technically we all are connected to one another, even by empty space, because empty space isn't empty. It has to be connected to non-empty physical objects, so these objects can exist in the universe. An object cannot be separate from the universe, so yeah, it is kind of weird to think about, a little disturbing, but also, really cool at the same time.

Read up on some quantum physics, or watch some documentaries. The theory backs up this "connectiveness", if I could call it that. Makes you wonder what happens when your cells divide, if it is possible to do things that we might think of as impossible--such as faster than light travel, etc. (quantum entanglement)

Also, I find it fascinating that it could possibly allow humans, in the future, if they can perfect quantum theory, what that might mean for human capabilities. For example, esp, remote viewing, telekinesis, mind-reading, stuff written in sci-fi books and in movies, but I don't know. No one knows if that stuff is possible/impossible, but after a salvia unzipping breakthrough, I started wondering about those types of things.

I think you might like videos on quantum physics. There are some good ones on youtube. I don't understand how it works mathematically, but the concepts are interesting to think about.