Posted by dextroacidsoul19 (07/24/13 10:58 PM)
I've smoked it a few times. When smoking it from a one hitter, it's calm and very reminiscent of a marijuana high. It can be fun, but when smoking using a gravity bong, it has very delirient like effects on me. Black outs, visual distortions(unpleasant ones) and having trouble telling what's real and what's not. I was caught on video drinking an imaginary drink and smoking imaginary cigarettes while rambling inaudible choruses. (Smoking imaginary cigarettes and interacting with other imaginary items is a text book effect of datura) 
Posted by Swkz93 (05/19/13 08:45 PM)
@ nhenneman2
I'm not sure what you mean by "powder form"; to my knowledge, the stuff I'm talking about doesn't come in powder form.
Posted by scorpine6 (04/08/13 01:33 AM)
I remember when i was 18, i was smoking some spice at a train staition... And was immediately launched into quite a trip. Never really tried spice or k something before that even. But It sure took the cake , felt extremely hypersensitive not even 10 mins into the high felt like my whole view on this planet was just subjectively pathetic to the objective unconsciousness mind... Ego had no gain on that state of mind... Felt as if I was being ripped too shreds by sheer time... It was a terrifying ordeal I understood why those kids who smoked and felt they were dieing had such panic attacks and thought they were dieing... But once the insane high set away the panic attack to grip as my daily awareness took a sudden grip... As I understood that Daily Consciousness, was just a tool for control ... lol idk its what i remember as i try to reflect upon that day 
Posted by nhenneman2 (04/06/13 08:07 AM)
That stuff is bad news i smoked the powder form of it and thought i was havin a heart attack inreality it was a panic attack and every time i smoke weed now its just not the same since
that experiance. I hear ya scary to think your finally dyin at 25