Posted by Swkz93 (06/19/13 03:13 AM)
I've had similar experiences with smoking weed after doing gratuitous amounts of research chemicals within a 2 week time span. If you want to learn about that, look up the trip report in the Other Substances section titled "NBOMe Reactivation?"
Posted by SteelPanther (04/20/13 10:58 PM)
Don't worry everything in your head is fine, just lay off smoking weed for a while if you want to increase your clarity. Remember ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD and that seemed like a bad set and setting.
Posted by LimeTree (04/11/13 05:17 AM)
Thanks everyone for the positive comments. If it's of interest to anyone- the feelings of anxiety started to gradually go away after 10 days. I just had to remind myself that all these "after effects" were simply my own fear. 
Posted by psicho (04/07/13 08:00 PM)
My cousin had a similar case , only worse , but after a while he came back to normal ,he had consumed far more ammounts than you , he regreted doing massive amounts of psichadelics , and learned from his experiences not to do that again.
I surely think youll come back to normal in a while , try to have positive vibes and good luck.
Posted by Aldebaran (04/01/13 05:17 PM)
I think these kind of after-effects are more psychological than anything to do with having psilocybin still in your system.

The weed is just reminding you of your shroom trip and sending you back into that same headspace. The two things are associated in your mind.

It would be like if you had a bad experience in a particular place, then went back to that place a few days later and felt the anxiety and bad feelings come back - it's not that surprising.

If you lay off the weed for a while I bet this effect will gradually go away. Also don't underestimate the power of weed - it has its own peculiar psychological effects even without shrooms being involved.
Posted by chobumms (04/01/13 04:13 PM)
My brother had similar bad experiences with psychedelics after a really scary acid trip. He just tripped lightly in a supervised, friendly atmosphere until he felt comfortable tripping hard again. I suggest you do the same. Baby steps. Every time you trip you will stand a chance of getting freaked out or having a panic attack. This will minimize ur risk of you being traumatized! Go slow....
Posted by LimeTree (04/01/13 12:50 PM)
Thanks so much that helps a lot! 
Posted by scorpine6 (04/01/13 12:31 PM)

I don't believe that's what occurred, you seem to have stepped out of "bounds" of your (Daily Consciousness) and came close to what you would call (the unconcious) or became quite sensitive due too something... Can't say what or know... but if you wanna deal with it you can talk to someone close and open up completely , that has much love for you or someone of a professional establishment. I don't want to be rude but it seems that you may be repressing something at least not dealing with it and causing you to react at a higher sensitivity it's not bad nor is it good but it is something to deal with yourself personally... Please don't take my word for it just seek some foothold within yourself ... Hope this helps a bit ...