Posted by JCSuperstar (03/30/13 08:27 PM)
That looks naaaaasty
Posted by IveBeenRecycled (03/30/13 09:25 AM)
youre fucked.
Posted by Tacomandood (03/29/13 01:37 PM)
That's a contam for sure. Here's a picture of someone else on here who had the same growth which later turned to a nasty contamination. 
Posted by Defkawn (03/29/13 08:20 AM)
That IMO looks like contamination. I'm no expert but I've successfully grown
 twice but when and if I get contaminated cakes I discard. 
Posted by Guerrero Natura (03/29/13 01:24 AM)
Important to mention that under the microscope at 60X it does not look like live matter, and the starting white mycelium looks healthy, could it be some sort of mycelium brusing due to the chlorine and peroxide misted water turned to droplets inside the jars? I've been literally looking everywhere cant find anything similar. Cheers!