Posted by zZZz (03/30/13 05:24 AM)
" Hi h ow  ar e yo u?" ;)

i like that.
Posted by mio (03/26/13 06:20 AM)
Was sure I would never return even though I had tripped hundreds of times

Seems chocolates intensify trips

Cant even trip on 3.5g normally
But as chocolates  3g can be too much sometimes :)
Posted by mio (03/26/13 06:13 AM)
No reality/multiple realities fits well with my 4g chocolates experience

Have never looked at life the same since :)

Good trip report

Edited 3/26/2013 1:23 PM
Posted by Taybs (03/25/13 09:03 PM)
sounds like a beautiful time brother!